Did ‘Sex and the City’ endanger pubic lice?

Apparently “Sex and the City” didn’t just make life intolerable for New Yorkers, who for the past decade have been overwhelmed by cupcake-bloated tourists, but it’s also possibly ruined life for pubic lice. At least, that is, according to an article from British Association of Dermatologists, the extinction of pubic lice can be traced to an episode of “Sex and the City,” which popularized pubic hair removal.

Says Dr. Kun Sen Chen, one of the authors of the research:

“In popularising [sic] hair removal, Carrie Bradshaw and co have contributed to ridding humanity of a pest that had plagued humans for millions of years. Sadly there isn’t an Emmy for that.”

Which is more than a little specious. It could be that these scientists have finally mastered the fine art of using a pop culture phenomenon to boost clicks on articles that would otherwise be ignored, just like I’m doing with this article right now. But also, I’m pretty sure of all the things that have contributed to people painfully removing all of their pubic hair to achieve that somewhat-creepy prepubescent smoothness — at least here in America — pornography is to blame. People have been watching porn actors’ and actresses’ bare genitals rub together long before “Sex and the City” was even on the air. Then again, I’m not a scientist.

Though perhaps I’m underestimating the popularity of a single dumb episode of TV show that set feminism back a few decades and that only idiots enjoyed.