Some sucker spent $6,000 on a lock of Mick Jagger’s hair

This week in how to piss away your money, some sucker bought a lock of Mick Jagger’s hair at a private auction for $6,000. The anonymous buyer pulled a “Brewster’s Millions” at Bonhams auction house in London from one of Mick’s ex-girlfriends, Chrissie Shrimpton, who hung onto the piece of Jagger mop from way back in the day.

Reuters reports:

The clump of hair was sold by the Rolling Stone’s former girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton, who is also the sister of 1960s English model Jean Shrimpton and first met Jagger when he was still an unknown student at the London School of Economics.

The hair, which comes in an envelope bearing the message “Mick Jagger’s hair after being washed + trimmed by Chris at Rose Hill Farm”, was sold on Wednesday to raise money for the Changing Faces charity, which works with people who have suffered facial disfigurements.

All for a good cause, I suppose, but mind you that Shrimpton was Jagger’s girlfriend from the years 1963 to 1966. That’s two years before the Rolling Stones created what’s arguably the greatest streak in rock and roll publishing history. Four absolutely killer albums back-to-back-to-back-to-back and with a European tour and a crazy cult classic film in between. To wit:

  • “Beggars Banquet” (1968)
  • “Let It Bleed” (1969)
  • “Sticky Fingers” (1971)
  • “Exile on Main St.” (1972)

Yep. The buyer didn’t even get the hair from the golden era, so you gotta figure a lock of Jagger’s halcyon days’ hair is at best worth maybe $4,500. Sigh …


source: Reuters