Naughty girl Gwyneth Paltrow admits to sometimes eating sandwiches

Stars! They’re just like us! Except for Gwyneth Paltrow who is perfect in all of the ways … except one.

According to an article in British Cosmopolitan, which I of course read about over on the US Weekly site, Paltrow does, on occasion, drink cappuccinos from Starbucks (hers, unlike ours, are of course sprinkled with chia seeds and gold dust). Not only that, but when she is in the UK, she eats cheese, and when she’s in the States she eats … get ready for it …

Lobster rolls with french fries and …

Turkey burgers with cheese!

Quelle horreur! At least they’re like, expensive sandwiches, and not like, sandwiches for peasants or anything like that.

In the same interview, she apparently talks a lot about how she doesn’t need Botox because she’s just like all of the French actresses who do not need to use Botox, and how she really loves her “radio frequency” facials.

It’s a slow news day.