Rick Perry’s sister may personally profit from Texas abortion clinics closing

One of the biggest issues with the impending abortion restrictions in Texas is the part of the bill that will require all abortion clinics in the state to be licensed as an ambulatory surgical centers, thus requiring all but five clinics in the state to close. This despite the fact that there is absolutely no data showing that any of these clinics are at all deficient. The GOP, however, isn’t exactly the party of reason and science, so they likely consider things like “data” to be fairly inconsequential.

Given that closing abortion clinics does not reduce demand for the procedure, the 420 other ambulatory surgical centers in the state that don’t currently offer abortions may now be considering performing them– albeit at a much higher price than the clinics have been.

Milla Perry Jones is Rick Perry’s sister. She is also the Vice President of Government Affairs for United Surgical Partners International… which just so happens to own many of these ambulatory surgical centers. She also happens to be on the board of the¬†Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center Society. This means that she, and the company she works for, may end up profiting quite a bit from all of these abortion clinics shutting down, should they decide to start performing the operation.

Well, isn’t that convenient?

Is this maybe just a teensy bit of the reason Perry is so hot on this piece of legislation? Granted, it’s similar to what other Red States are trying to push through, and he didn’t write it himself, but the fact that his sister could stand to make some money off of these abortion clinics closing may be at least part of the reason he’s so concerned about getting it passed as is.