Justin Bieber pisses in restaurant mop bucket, yells ‘F**k Bill Clinton!’

Human person Justin Bieber may just be the world’s most impolite Canadian. When at a restaurant in NY with his friends, whom he refers to as the “Wild Kidz,” the pop sensation could not be bothered to walk all the way to the bathroom, and thus just took a leak in the first available mop bucket.

Hahaha. He’s so whimsical. So very, very whimsical. He’s peeing in a bucket when everyone knows you’re not supposed to pee in a bucket! Hahaha. You know who probably doesn’t think that’s so whimsical? The janitor who has to clean up his precious rich boy piss.

After pissing in a bucket and going on about how much he “swaggers,” and how honored the restaurant should be that he deigned to piss in their mop bucket, the Biebs grabbed a thing of Windex and sprayed a picture of Bill Clinton while yelling “Fuck Bill Clinton!”

Here is a picture of the two in what we can only assume were happier times.


Incidentally, while looking for a picture for this post, I came upon the world’s cringiest Tumblr– The Justin Bieber Bucket List.






I guess everyone needs goals?