Titus Andronicus cover Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It,’ and it lasts forever

Titus Andronicus covered Icona Pop’s 2012 summer banger “I Love It,” and managed to stretch the thing to a sprawling 8-minute distorted saunter—and that’s without using any of the lyrics from the verse.

Despite Icona Pop’s glittery style the band notes that the song is pretty punk rock. Except for the title: “[We covered] the quintessential punk song of 2013, “I Don’t Care” by Icona Pop, which I think is actually called “I Love It” but that is stupid – “I Don’t Care” is a much better, more punk, more Ramones/Richard Hell/Sex Pistols-esque title.”

So, tweaking the title to “I Don’t Care,” they offer their own thoughts on the song (none of which made their way as new lyrics):

Fighting with the cops – I love it
Burning down the church – I love it
Breaking all the rules – I love it
Smoking at the school – I love it
Yelling at my parents – I love it
Fucking on the run – I love it

Listen below. You’ll be here a while.