Alice Cooper hates modern rock: ‘This whole generation needs to all eat a steak’

Industrial rock pioneer Alice Cooper sat down with Fuse TV to lament the current state of what the media touts as “rock and roll,” and the lack of balls on the headliners who represent it.

I just feel like this whole generation maybe need[s] to all eat a steak … maybe they just need to quit eating, ya know, vegetarian food and get out there and get some blood pumping in their system. Rock and roll is not about ♪ happy happy happy, everything’s OK ♪

“We’re The Lumineers. Let’s clog-dance!” Hey there’s a place for that. If I wanted to go see a great clog-dancing band, I’d go see The Lumineers. Mumford & Sons are great at what they do, [but] it’s not rock and roll. Don’t call it rock and roll. That’s an offense to rock and roll … I guess I get they wanna be folk rock. I guess they wanna look like everybody else. If you’re in a band, you’re an outlaw. You don’t play by those rules. It doesn’t mean you have to be on drugs, but, when you get on stage, you don’t play the guitar up here, you play the guitar down here. It doesn’t come from your brain. It comes from your guts. It comes from your groin. It’s sexual. It’s tribal.

I’m seeing this: ♪ oh I hate oil, and I hate war, and I hate all bad things that I don’t like. Be my girl ♪ What? And I look at a magazine and it [says] ‘Best New Rock Band.’ Rock bands don’t have accordions or flutes unless, maybe, you’re Jethro Tull … I don’t understand why everybody’s so afraid to be in a real rock band. “We don’t want to offend anybody.”

Video of Cooper’s interview here.

h/t VVV