Someone totally scooped Justin Bieber on his Wild Kidz clothing idea

This week Justin Bieber elicited a global groan when TMZ leaked a video of him pissing into a restaurant’s mop bucket, spraying windex on a photo of Bill Clinton while yelling “Fuck Bill Clinton!” and then celebrating by running around with his fellow hooligans yelling “Wild Kidz!” which the internet somehow immediately knew was spelled with a “z.”

The whole thing was truly cringe-worthy but perhaps more than anything it was the cries of “Wild Kidz” that drew the most gut-wrenching third-party embarrassment. Like a made-up slogan for the kind of juvenile gang six-year-olds like to imagine themselves in, “Wild Kidz” was a window into the bizarre psychology of arrested development writ large: It embodied what happens when you get too rich too fast, too young.

But being “Wild Kidz” means knowing no shame. Biebs’ fellow bucket-pisser Lil Twist had floated the idea of a Wild Kidz clothing line on Instagram. Amazingly, his followers loved it:

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 11.42.50 AM

But hilariously, someone totally scooped Bieber and Lil Twist on their own clothing line. By Friday the site was already live and accepting pre-orders for shirts that rip on the Wild Kidz. “All products are designed, manufactured, and screen-printed in the United States to ensure the highest quality and maximum swag,” the site says. There’s the “Wild Kidz Rule #1″ shirt which proclaims, “Don’t let no one tell you what to do” and “Rule #2: Swag: some kidz are just born with it.”

An anonymous source behind the site was reached for this article but declined to comment further beyond these words: “#SWAG #WILDKIDZ.” You heard it here first, folks. Pre-order your Wild Kidz t-shirts here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 11.46.03 AM