Pearl Jam release surprise new single ‘Mind Your Manners’ that doesn’t suck

If you had told me last night that Pearl Jam were to sneakily release a new single, I would not have believed you. If you had told me, then, that they would be releasing a song that sounds like the Dead Kennedys, I would still not have believed you.

The big surprise here is Eddie Vedder, who sounds, oh, I don’t know, so aliiiiiiiiiiive. The song comes entirely out of left field and shockingly the whole thing works in a kind of late-period-Incubus-covering-Dead-Kennedys sort of way.

“Alternative rock” seems to have gone completely the way of the dinosaur and for good reason; nobody wants to hear about the plight of white dudes with electric guitars anymore whining about their love lives (at least for the time-being), so white dudes had to get angrier to make it more interesting. Which is good for Pearl Jam in 2013 as “Mind Your Manners” somehow makes it all work… it’s angry and weird and interesting enough for it to be special.