John Stamos to reunite with Jesse and The Rippers on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

The universe has decided recently that “Full House” nostalgia is a *thing* for whatever reason. Bob Saget Instragramming a pic of himself in front of the “Full House” house and calling it creepy was one of June’s most viral stories. In the year 2013. But up until this point Bob Saget has been the only adult “Full House” cast member to cash in nostalgia and use it to reinvent his career. Well, at least his persona. Looks like that’s changing.

John Stamos posted a video of himself singing the “Full House” theme song recently, and just announced that he’s reuniting with his band from the show, Jesse and The Rippers. Not only that, they’ll be performing on “Fallon” Friday night.

Let’s hope no one smashes one of The Roots’ guitars. Or that this doesn’t lead to Stamos rekindling his stint in The Beach Boys. Cuz that was just weird.

In case you’re too old to remember or too young to have seen it the first time, let’s revisit Jesse and The Rippers, shall we?

Image: Durance Magazine