Wanted: Young Creation ‘Scientists’

Do you believe in fairies? Or that Queen Elizabeth is secretly a 12 foot tall lizard? Or that dentists put small microwave chips in your teeth to give you heartburn? Or that the whole entire world is only 6,000 years old?

Well, the first three I cannot help you with, although I am sure there are myriad other corners on the internet for you. However, if you are a young fresh-faced, Bible believing Christian who is totally 100% sure that the earth is only 6,000 years old, that human beings had pet Pterodactyls, lived to be 900 years old and that evolution is a lie from the pit of hell, then I have some good news for you!

The Institute of Creation Research would like to encourage you to go to college for science. Why? I assume because there really just are not too many “Creation Scientists” out there. At least not many that actually majored in anything that actually has anything to do with evolution– like Jake Herbert, Ph.D. who wrote this plea in the first place, whose doctorate is in Physics.

How much better to choose a career path that will bring ultimate fulfillment, a decision inspired by a God-given desire to work in a field that will bring glory to the Creator. Young Christian, if God has given you a desire to serve Him in a particular area, then consider His promptings. Maybe He is leading you to serve Him in the field of science. It may involve short-term sacrifice, but God’s best often requires hard work.

If you have an interest in science, then pursue it. An aptitude and a genuine love for science is a rare gift—maybe you can be the one to make a startling discovery or a life-changing advancement in the field. Maybe history will be different because of you. Perhaps you can be the one to finally break the evolutionary monopoly on our institutions of higher learning.

Perhaps! Also, perhaps, you can major in English and break the “fancy book readin'” monopoly on our institutions of higher learning! The possibilities are endless, really! However, Jake Herbert, Ph.D must warn you– be careful to not let your teachers or fellow students become aware that you are a Secret Christian, or else they will probably behead you or something. Or, you know, fail you for getting questions like “is the earth flat or round?” or “does the sun revolve around the earth?” or “Fucking magnets, how do they work?” wrong on the final.

For those who do have an interest in science, we wish to offer a few words of advice. Work hard to get the best possible grades and push yourself to truly understand the material. When choosing a school, choose one with a rigorous academic program and a research program that truly interests you. Although you should not be dishonest about what you believe, it’s probably prudent to not draw attention to your creationist beliefs while you are a student, particularly if you are in a field that directly touches upon the origins controversy (such as paleontology, biology, or geology).

Given the increasing anti-Christian sentiment in society and the academic persecution in the secular universities, there may very well come a day when it will no longer be possible for a Bible-believing Christian to get an advanced degree in the natural sciences. Academically gifted young Christians should therefore “redeem the time” (Ephesians 5:16) before that door of opportunity closes.

Man, it’s weird how 90% of the population is being so horrifically suppressed by us secular folk! I wonder if that’s because not all Christians are total dingbats who don’t believe in Science. It is definitely a possibility.

Perhaps someday, science classes will be more likely to teach how the fact that a banana fits into your hand means god exists, than to teach all those dumb boring things like evolution and carbon dating and, well, all the other things that are actually science.

image: Institute of Creation Research