DJ Khaled proposes to Nicki Minaj via YouTube video, is sad and lonely man

DJ Khaled – the guy who yells his own DJ name over his mixtapes – DJ KHALED – has proposed to rap/R&B/pop muppet Nicki Minaj via a YouTube video. She wasn’t in the same room when it was filmed; so he simply showed the ring to the camera. The two aren’t even dating, although they did work together last year. The ring alone reportedly cost $500,000. Sigh.

With his “Suffering From Success” album just announced for a September release, Khaled took it upon himself to ask Minaj – currently signed to the same label as Khaled – for her hand in marriage. It’s a pretty sad video to watch, the sight of a man throwing himself at a woman he isn’t even involved with, with a ring worth more than 99% of the people in this world see in their entire lives. Minaj herself hasn’t released a memorable song since a guest verse on Kanye’s “Monster” – and that was all the way back in 2010. Despite showing huge early promise, she appears to have doubled down into schizophrenic bubblegum pop territory. Her albums have failed to make any crossover success past the 14-year-old-girl market. She’s since worked as a judge on American Idol but was fired this year.

The video is painful to watch – reminding your correspondent of every date he ever asked for in grade school. It’s awkward, stunted, and seems baited by some sort of reality TV moment, as if we’re going to come back from commercials to see Nicki’s answer. Sadly, she isn’t even in the same room during the time of the proposal. It makes Khaled look awfully lonely and confused.

To be fair to Khaled, at least his music is listenable. Hopefully Minaj says yes to his advances—she could probably use a good hit song right about now in her flailing career.

Image: Canoe