Florida man gets 15 months in prison for threatening Obama’s life on Facebook

Back in February, a jury convicted a man for threatening to kill President Barack Obama. Christopher Castillo of Melbourne, Florida, was heated over the election back in November and, on his Facebook page, swore if Obama were re-elected he would “hunt” the president and “kill him and watch the life disappear from his eyes.”

Nice job, dude.

Now, the Floriderp is facing 15 months in a federal prison, per the court’s decision on Thursday. And, although the 28-year-old admitted his wrongdoing to U.S. Secret Service agents, who paid a visit to his home immediately after learning about his heated Facebook posts, Castillo said the Facebook posts were in jest. His attorney told the jury that “Mr. Castillo is not an assassin” and is, in fact, the victim of Internet troll-baiting. Which, to my understanding, is the act of pleasuring one’s self to the point of uncontrollable anger. Right?

sources: NYDN and Orlando Sentinel/mugshot via HuffPo