Facebook ‘scares’ and ‘confuses’ teenagers, say teenagers

CNBC reports that 24% of online teenagers use Twitter, while Facebook still constitutes a 76% advantage. However, the number of Twitter users has seen a 16% increase in just 2 years. Facebook usage has seen a steady decrease in the last couple of years, reaching an apex around 2010.

Many are citing the high prevalence of ads and overuse of social games (such as Farmville) as the reason behind the teenage demographic rapidly losing interest in Facebook, not to mention the fact that the site got so popular that their parents started to use it.

If you want to make anything cool, just have someone’s parents take an interest in it.

Brianna Cole of Torrington High School in Connecticut said “There was Myspace before Facebook, and then Facebook happened and everybody thought that was the next best thing, and then Twitter happened,” she said. “I mean, there’s always going to be something.”