Brooklyn hipsters now just living in dumpsters, because Brooklyn

Gregory Klohen, in any other city, would presumably a really nice guy with a few crazy ideas, the kind of guy that would wear a lampshade on his head at a party. “Look at me!” he’d say, “I’m so whacky!” and we’d all laugh, because Gregory is just a silly guy.

But this being 2013 and this being Brooklyn and this being some apparent alternate reality where obese children have reality shows and gay people in Russia are being beaten on the street, Gregory Fucking Klohen has bought a dumpster and converted it into a fucking teeny tiny apartment.

Gregory. Really?

Yes, the tiny commercial dumpster was bought new for $2000 and turned into what can best be described as the smallest apartment in Brooklyn, one that can also be wheeled around, and one that houses a minibar, a toilet, a shower (outside), and a BBQ (out of a trash can). Oh, and it has a roof deck.

I’m not saying “yay consumerism!” but I am saying this: Gregory, just don’t. Your mother is (probably) very concerned. Please call her. You can crash on the couch for a week if you need to. But this dumpster apartment thing? I dunno, man. I just dunno.

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Img: Curbed