College student to cop: ‘Of course I’m drunk, it’s Thursday night in Iowa City’

Last night, University of Iowa undergrad Alexander Kinzel (not pictured above) got into a brawl at a pub near campus. When cops responded to the complaint at the bar, they found the 21-year-old shirtless and bloodied in the street. After clocking a .247 on a portable breathalyzer test (the state’s legal limit is currently .08), Kinzel told the cops “Of course I’m drunk, it’s Thursday night in Iowa City.”

That pretty much cracked the case for the police, who clinked the co-ed for public intoxication. However, one could argue that Kinzel was merely honoring his educational institution. As CBS News reported on Monday, just three days prior to Kinzel’s arrest, The Princeton Review polled approximately 126,000 college students across the nation to discover which school was indeed the best party school in all of the U.S.A. And the University of Iowa, thanks to kids like Kinzel, ranked top of the list.

Below is Kinzel’s police report, courtesy of The Smoking Gun. Frame it, kid. You’ve done your school proud.


h/t City Pages and CBS News