Of course Sydney Leathers is releasing a music video called ‘Weinerizer’

Of course Sydney Leathers is releasing a music video. I mean, why wouldn’t she be? Isn’t that how we do things nowadays? Involve yourself in some weird scandal, and boom! Recording contract, here we come! It’s gotten so predictable that in my first post about Miss Leathers I suggested taking bets on when said auto-tuned single would be released.

And here we are! It’s been announced that her “music video” will be called “Weinerizer” and will be a “parody” of Britney Spears’ classic, “Womanizer.” Which I suppose is fine because it’s not like Britney Spears can sing either. Here’s the delightful preview video, which I guess is also a thing now:

I admit it, I am not a singing populist. Not only do I not believe that everyone can sing, I do not believe that most peopleĀ should sing. Exceptions are, of course, made for people who write their own songs or, at the very least, play a musical instrument — and only as long as they’re owning their bad singing, a la Bob Dylan, and not being auto-tuned. Everyone else can get off my lawn this instant.

Sydney Leathers is demanding that we all make her famous, because one time she got weird texts from a weird dude who happened to be famous. She is not going to stop until she is judging “Sexting With The Stars,” or whatever. As much as we would all like to just marry her off to Hugo Schwyzer and send the couple to a remote, Internet-free resort on Megalomania Island, that’s unlikely to happen any time soon. So we might as well have some fun with this.

Miss Leather’s “music video” will be written and produced by Adam Barta, who notably made the “Tan Mom” music video:

Way more redeemably, however, is the fact that Barta produced (and guest starred in) the most recent music video for my real-life gal pal, RuPaul Drag Race Alum, Pandora Boxx. Who actually does write things herself, and is super freaking hilarious. She actually contacted him after being thrilled with how “gloriously terrible” the “Tan Mom” music video was. That’s my girl.

For the record, Miss Boxx responded poorly to my “OMG You should totally be in the Sydney Leathers video” text.