Marketing company launches Carlos Danger hot dog stand because marketing

Free hot dogs in exchange for tweets to @AnthonyWeiner? That makes sense, at least in terms of a marketing company injecting itself in the middle of New York City’s sextiest story of the summer. And, to their credit, the jackholes behind @UnrulyHeir, responsible for dedicating a food truck to a mayoral candidate’s pervy alter-ego, picked an ideal time to launch this shtick, whatever its purpose.

Now that the New York Post has trashed Sydney Leathers in a story that ran Thursday morning (headline: “Worn-out Leathers“), claiming that the 15 minutes are up for Weiner’s former sexting partner, there may be room available in the mayoral sideshow. “For a free hot dog, tweet at Anthony Weiner,” one of the marketeers told a Manhattan crowd on Wednesday afternoon.”Just don’t send him a picture.”

“He might send you one,” a passerby replied.

The purpose of the truck is just for the creative agency to draw attention to its branding and mobile marketing services. Which, while not necessarily more tasteful than Leathers’s hasty cash grab, is at least more service-ey. Because media-savvy street teams are a dime a dozen, but, hey, this one makes dick jokes!

Video footage via CNN:

source: CNN and pix11/photo: gooddaysxunrulyheir