60-year-old man launches website about his suicide as a parting gift

Martin Manley turned 60 years old on Thursday and decided to celebrate his life by ending it.

He had actually made the decision long ago and planned it well in advance. And he decided to do a very unusual thing: He created an entire website all about his own suicide, to bring family friends and anyone who is interested, inside his thought process and his experience leading up to his suicide.

“It’s important for me to have written quite a bit about my decision to commit suicide because it’s rarely been done,” he writes. “I assume the people I know would want to understand it better and I’m sure there are people out there who study suicide that would like to study mine – so I’ve left nothing to the imagination. It’s all here.”

What’s really interesting is that he doesn’t seem particularly upset about anything. He’s certainly not sick—he describes his only physical ailment as indigestion, but only when he eats an entire “a whole pan of brownies … So, I admit, I did have a brownie issue,” he writes.

Under the “Why Suicide” section he explains that he never liked the idea of living into decrepit old age and had long thought that ending his life before he became incapacitated sounded like a good option. “Because I can” is the chief answer he gives to the question of “Why?”

The whole site is hauntingly well thought-out and articulated, as well as funny, which might catch you off guard. Explaining that he plans to shoot himself, he brings readers through his decision, trying to answer questions about what was “going through his head—no pun intended.”

Manley was a former sports statistics editor at Kansas City Star, which reports that his body was found in the parking lot of an Overland Park police station, as he states it would be on his site.

The website has been crashing throughout the day, but it’s fascinating and disturbing equally—definitely unlike anything else you’ll read this week or probably ever. If only to honor Martin’s life and death, it’s worth a few minutes. Check it out at martinmanleylifeanddeath.com.

H/t: reddit