A ton of ‘Breaking Bad’ fans called 911 last night when their cable went out

The suburb of Fairfield, Connecticut, a bedroom community with a population of approximately 57,000 people, has not accounted for a single murder since 2008. This may explain, in part, why several residents of the East coast hamlet called 911 on Sunday night when their cable went out — a dire moment for fans of the fantasy crime series “Breaking Bad” that surely caused an ominous sense of uncertainty within the community.

It’s a safe assumption, of course, that everyone was shitting their hats over missing their favorite AMC soap opera by simply noting the hour of cellular and land line activity. After 9 p.m. ET, an hour or so prior to “BB’s” air time, the 911 phone lines were flooded — so much, in fact, that Fairfield PD posted a message on their Facebook page. “We are receiving numerous 911 calls regarding the [Cablevision] outage,” some cop wrote. “This is neither an emergency or a police related concern. Please direct your inquiries to Cablevision.”


Aware of the tension in Fairfield and to likely keep anyone from informing Homeland Security, Cablevision attempted to mollify its customers via alerting the press (!). In a statement released to the AP, the cable provider said the outage rooted from a power outage at one of its nearby facilities. By 11 p.m., fortunately, service had been restored. No one was hurt.

Ostensibly, the sheep did miss their favorite TV story. Nobody can change that now, but perhaps a silver lining is in the wings: Inevitably, the department will release these emergency calls for everyone else’s amusement. It’d be an atrocity if they didn’t.

h/t Betabeat/image via ShopJimmy