Texas is fracking itself out of water: 30 towns will be dry in the next year

Right now Texas is experiencing its most severe drought and heatwave on record– seriously, like 99.93% of the state is experiencing some level of drought, and 73.49% of the state is experiencing severe drought, there’s been little precipitation, and June and July have been the hottest on record.

This, of course, has nothing to do with climate change, which Rick Perry does not believe in, and is probably the result of Jesus giving the state of Texas a big sweaty bear hug for all its good work in regulating women’s bodies. Or something.

If you think that’s bad, shit’s about to get a lot worse. You see, fracking has gotten real big down there, and as a result of all the water required for said hydraulic fracturing (usually about  25% of an area’s water supply) and as a result of all the arsenic they’ve gotta pump in the ground to get it done, in less than a year, there will be at least 30 Texas towns with no water. I mean, sure, they could probably drink the arsenic laced water. It is entirely possible that I have been brainwashed by leftist Hollywood propaganda like “Arsenic and Old Lace” and various episodes of “Deadly Women” to think that arsenic is not particularly good for you. The Victorians sure thought it was healthy, particularly when combined with heroin.

It’s hard to get too outraged on behalf of the people who live there– after all, this is what many Texans really, really want. They’ve purposely elected people who will be sure to work hard to make it happen.

Rick Perry does not believe that fracking is dangerous, or that climate change exists. He believes that if the state prays hard enough for three days in a row, the drought will end. In fact, I think it’s some kind of religious thing down there where people think that God will be super mad at them if they don’t work really hard at destroying the earth and ruining all the water. Which is why there is a part of me that would be 100% fine with people who are in favor of fracking dying of dehydration or arsenic poisoning. Then I think about their kids and get sad because obviously they didn’t do anything to deserve that, and I feel like a bad person for having thought that for a second.

The thing that annoys me is that it’s likely that many of the people who voted for Perry that live in these towns will get up and move once they don’t have any water, and proceed to go to other places and try to ruin their water, and it will just become a cycle.

image: Gas2.org