World’s least practical drug mule busted scuba diving 8 pounds of pot from Canada to U.S.

A Canadian man recently tried to smuggle some pot into the U.S., and he seriously overcomplicated it. I mean, just over-thought it to high hell.

A boater on the St. Clair River at the Canadian border could have sworn he saw a scuba diver in the water, swimming to the U.S. side. He called local police, who called U.S. Customs and Border Protection, who had no trouble finding him.

“Our camera operators were able to locate the individual with night-vision cameras,” spokesman Kris Grogan said. “In that part of the river, it’s not a short swim.” They phoned in his coordinates to police in to Marine City, Michigan, who met him when he got out and found the 8 pounds of pot he was lugging along under the water in an airtight sealed piece of PVC piping.

So let’s recap, here: Not only did this guy eschew the traditional methods of smuggling less than ten pounds of pot (seriously, what ever happened to just mailing it with no return address?). Not only did he choose to scuba dive 8 pounds of pot to America—but he did it in a place so heavily guarded they have night vision cameras. And he chose one of widest parts of the river. And once he was doing it, he scuba-dove so shallowly that he was spotted by someone in a boat.

Dude was really making life harder than it needed to be.

Seriously, has he never heard of the weed cannon?

Image: Shutterstock