The National get wasted, trash Matt Berninger’s parents’ house in ‘Graceless’ video

Let’s face it: The National can be a tough pill to swallow. If it’s not the dead of winter and you’re not already depressed, they can be a little bleak for everyday consumption.

Which is why it’s great when they goof on themselves. The band has been introducing some levity into the promotion of their new album, gloomily titled “Trouble Will Find Me.” They first played one song repeatedly for 6 hours as part of a performance art installation in New York. And now they release a new video for album single “Graceless,” wherein they get wasted, just for funsies.

Matt Berninger told Rolling Stone that shooting the vid “involved a great deal of binge drinking beer. We shot it at my mom and dad’s house in Cincinnati and kind of destroyed the place and ourselves along the way.”

They also rode bikes into the pool, shot at empty liquor bottles with a homemade cannon, and of course inflated a bouncy house. All in suits, of course, ’cause this is The National we’re talking about. But it’s still a lot of fun. Watch below.

Image: WhenTheGramaphoneRings