Cyrus vs. Syria: Our ‘disenchantment’ with politics

Hey, have you guys heard about Miley Cyrus on the VMAs?  Probably not, right?  I mean, it was just one girl shaking her less-than-notable ass on TV for a few minutes.  Wait, what’s that you say?  It’s all you’ve heard about for the past two days?  Odd.

See, at the same time that the VMA bomb was dropped on innocent Americans all around the country, the United States military has been busy doing things besides twerking with teddy bears.  It moved its cruise missiles in position to strike Syria, all on claims of the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against its people.  Unfortunately, those claims are on some shaky ground, mostly with regard to who the culprit behind the attack actually is.

Here is a photo of victims of the attack outside the city of Damascus:

Cyrus vs. Syria: Our 'disenchantment' with politics
via CBS News

Ben Swann’s Michael Lotfi noticed how the Syrian conflict has escalated at just about the same time as the Cyrus conflict erupted.  Both being, well, completely and utterly different in nature and consequence, he decided to check and see what the American people were buzzing about more.  He checked Google analytics, and the results were… interesting.


Cyrus vs. Syria: Our 'disenchantment' with politics via

Lotfi states: “The world is now positioning itself for what could possibly be the beginning of the next world war. France, Great Britain and the USA are now aligning against China, Syria, Russia and Iran. With such massive military force beginning to mobilize dependent upon the supposed use of chemical weapons one would assume that the peak search value for chemical attacks in Syria would skyrocket. On August 25th the peak search value for chemical attacks in Syria actually fell to a value of 3, which is down from a value of 4 only 24 hours earlier. The term ‘Syria’ is valued at 55, which is also down 1 point in the same 24 hour period.”

On the contrary, Lotfi says, “On August 25th after Miley’s VMA performance her Google peak rating went from 67 to 100 in less than 24 hours.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that we care about Miley Cyrus’s ass more than we care about Syria.  Not at all.  It means that we as a society are prone to discussing topics we find to be most accessible rather than delving into political matters that have real consequence and could jeopardize thousands of innocent lives.   Cameron Russell, in an interview with The Great Discontent, states: “When you’re talking about an issue that’s labeled political, people often feel like they cannot give input because they think they’re not well educated on the issue, or their opinion or vote hasn’t mattered in the past and they’re disenchanted with ‘politics.'”

The majority of citizens oppose the US’s involvement in Syria, yet this fact is largely ignored by those in power.

At a time when the stakes couldn’t be higher, this “disenchantment” should be met with the realization that a democratic society is only as strong as its people are educated and involved.  Miley Cyrus’s dance on the VMAs was a glittery distraction.  Now we need to turn to the reality of our situation, and focus the energy we once reserved for the critique of twerking toward something of greater consequence.