No, Bryan Cranston will not play Lex Luthor in the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel

A few days ago it was widely reported that Bryan Cranston had been cast as Superman’s arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, for the “Man of Steel” sequel and at least five other franchise appearances on the big screen. As it turns out, that’s not the case.

Yes, sadly the whole thing was just an Internet rumor that got out of hand. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Cranston won’t ever be Lex. We don’t even know if Luthor will be in the upcoming film. It would make sense if he were, but when has Hollywood ever done anything that made sense? If they are looking to fill that role, Cranston’s name will almost certainly be mentioned. As of right now, though, everyone just sit tight and wait.

Personally, I love Cranston, but the meltdown over the news that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman was so entertaining that I kind of want them to keep casting people that will continue to freak out the Internet because I am selfish and would enjoy watching that play out. My suggestions? Paul Reubens, Martin Short or stick with Cranston but send out a press release saying he was chosen because Zack Snyder fell in love with his portrayal of Hal in “Malcolm in the Middle.” You know, because he really wants him to bring that same energy to his new role.

sources: Rolling Stone and MSN Entertainment