Tiny rainforest frogs hear with their mouths

Science is adorable again, guys! Researchers have just discovered that the world’s tiniest frogs hear through their teeny, tiny little mouths. How ridiculous! Let’s all go to the rainforest and whisper tiny things into these frogs’ super tiny mouths – ON THREE! This is not gross at all, by the way. It’s for science.

Via The Australian:

“SOME of the tiniest frogs on Earth have no middle ears or eardrums but can hear by using their mouths, scientists said today…

Most frogs have eardrums on the outsides of their heads. The eardrums vibrate when incoming sound waves hit, sending the vibrations to the inner ear, then the brain. But not the wee Gardiner’s frogs, which measure about a centimetre long or the size of a thumbtack.

Researchers thought that the creatures might be deaf, until they tested them by playing pre-recorded sounds of other frogs croaking. They found that male Gardiner’s frogs croaked back, as if in conversation, proving they could hear.”

These mini-frogs are found in a cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar – a country that is constantly killing it with new, adorable animal news.

mouth frog


This discovery actually makes a lot of sense. I know a lot of people whose mouths are constantly open, but who never listen to anything. I’ll tell them to keep their mouths peeled for more adorable discoveries about the animal of which they must be not-so-distant relatives.

Good news all around!