This video may finally herald the end of twerking

I’m calling it: Like the Harlem Shake being effectively killed by “The Today Show” doing a version, the video below heralds the end of twerking. Uploaded by user Caitlin Heller, it claims to portray the worst twerking fail ever, and it doesn’t fall short:

Now, not to burst your bubble, but I’m pretty sure this video is staged. Two tell-tale signs give it away: First, the music noticeably fades down right before the door opens, a sign that the music was added in editing and choice was made to fade the music to shift momentum. Second, “Caitlin Heller” has no other videos or information—usually a sign of an account created for the sake hosting a video one hopes will go viral, like the MrNuclear account that uploaded the fake video of the Golden Eagle snatching a baby last year.

Regardless, it serves as a glorious cautionary tale against the idiocy of twerking. Staged or not, will anyone be able to take themselves seriously twerking after this video? Once the Internet has had its way with this thing, can you picture Miley Cyrus doing a repeat twerk at the 2014 VMAs?

This might finally, mercifully be the end of twerking, folks.

At any rate, looks like Juicy J can end his search for the winner of his $50,000 college scholarship for “best chick that can twerk,” because this is clearly it.

Source: Reddit