The day the twerking died

Remember when the hosts of “The Today Show” did a Harlem Shake and the world thusly pronounced that internet fad finally and irrevocably dead?

Well, the hosts of the “The View” twerked today, signaling that the end is finally nigh.

Barbara Walters told America about twerking and its definition in the Oxford English Dictionary, and then hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd twerked. Or should I say, Sherri Shepherd twerked and Jenny McCarthy offered up a pathetic excuse for a twerk that looked more like an arthritic banker in a hula hoop contest.

Anyway: Recently we called that this viral video of twerking gone wrong, constructed for the sake of virality, heralded the end of twerking was near. Soon we’d see it it die a swift and painful death at the hands of national TV hosts just like The Harlem Shake—and voila.

Below, watch the last death knell of twerking. R.I.P.:

Image: Gumbumper