What the what now?: Ted Cruz says senate needs 100 Jesse Helmses

When delivering a speech on foreign policy to the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation this Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz announced that not only was his first political donation a $10 donation to Jesse Helms, but also that the United States government needed “100 more like Jesse Helms.”

Which is weird because Jesse Helms was kind of a horrifying racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigot. We’re talking about a dude who was pro-segregation, anti-busing, who loved the shit out of apartheid-era South Africa, who lost his very mind when Carol Moseley Braun became the first African-American female Ambassador and serenaded her with “Deep in the Heart of Dixie” in an elevator, who filibustered the establishment of Martin Luther King Day, who called gay people “weak, morally sick wretches,” who opposed Clinton’s appointment of Roberta Achtenburg to the Department of Housing and Urban Development “because she’s a damned lesbian,” who opposed AIDS Education, and wrote that “such utopian slogans as Peace with Honor, Minimum Wage, Racial Equality, Women’s Liberation, National Health Insurance, Civil Liberty” are ploys by which to divide humanity “as sons of God.”

And seriously, so much more. He was basically one of the most reprehensible humans to ever exist.

To boot, Jesse Helms is a guy one would think most Republicans would want to gloss over– especially right now where they’re doing this whole “What? We’ve never been the party of racism! You libruls are just making things up! Democrats were the ones enforcing Jim Crow laws, so there!” thing. Except that all those Jim Crow-liking Southern Democrats left the party and started voting Republican when the Democrats started not being racist enough for their liking. Like, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond were the crazy racist dudes leaving the Democratic party to join the Republican Party in the 60s.

But Cruz wants more of him! Why? Because he was willing to “say crazy things.” And apparently that is a “rare, rare characteristic.”

I would have to disagree that it’s rare. I hear people saying crazy things all the time. I’ve heard Ted Cruz say crazy things, and Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Rick Santorum, etc. etc. etc.

Pretty much all the Republicans. And that’s why I don’t vote for them. Because they say crazy things and I am not voting for them any more than I am going to vote for the dude who stands out in front of the Water Tower with the sandwich board reading “”FBI Agent Chris Saviano, stop raping my wife!” or the dude I saw take his pants of on the el. Call me crazy, but I’m not really sure that “saying crazy things” is on my list of things I want in someone making important decisions. I want like, way more sane people.