Iowa Youth Pastor gets zero jail time for raping teen boys to ‘cure’ them of homosexuality

Woah. 31-year-old Youth Pastor Brent Girouex–the former Pastor of Victory Fellowship Church in Council Bluff, Iowa–was charged with 60 counts of “sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist” after having repeatedly raped at least several young men in order to give them, I shit you not, the gift of “sexual purity.”

Because, as Girouex explained to detectives,  “when they would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind.”

Sure, that seems like a real thing. Girouex believed that by simultaneously raping and praying over the boys, he would cleanse them of homosexual thoughts. Kind of like when your parents caught you smoking and tried to teach you a lesson by making you sit and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes, except with more rape and lasting psychological trauma.

Girouex admits to having molested 4 boys, but so far 8 have come forward.

Although Girouex was originally sentenced to 17 years in jail for his horrific crimes, the judge who sentenced him promptly commuted his sentence to sex offender treatment and probation– which means that, unless he violates his probation, he essentially gets off scott free.