One Direction fan allegedly killed her dog because the band didn’t follow her on Twitter

Today in One Direction fans being the craziest pack of bloodthirsty psychopaths on the internet, a particularly obsessed fan (or an extremely committed troller) allegedly killed her dog because the band didn’t follow her on Twitter.

Twitter user @illumivato’s account has since been suspended. But according to New York Daily News she’d first posted a plea for the band to follow her with a threat that she’d kill her own dog if they didn’t, with a picture her strangling her Chihuahua attached.

When they didn’t respond, she followed up with an Instagram shot of herself in tears holding her dog with the message “my dog just died.” Here, take a look via NYDN:


Who knows whether the dog was actually dead in this photo or whether the whole thing was an elaborate ploy to get the band to follow her. Either way her account has been suspended and a petition started at to investigate possible criminal animal abuse also allegedly shown on her social media accounts.

I’m sort of half-convinced that the One Direction death-threat issuing fan-base is a massive trolling campaign that an entire ocean of millennials decided would be funny to perpetrate together—one of those massive decentralized pranks that just sort of happened without anyone really deciding on it and without a specific starting point—kind of like the Rickrolling phenomenon.

Either that or this is the most bizarre confluence of rage circulating in the most unlikely place I can ever remember.