You can blow Mark Zuckerberg’s head off in ‘GTA V’

As if getting a virtual hummer from a prostitute wasn’t reason enough to pick up a copy of Rockstar Games’s groundbreaking “Grand Theft Auto V,” now you can assassinate a fictitious version of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

For obvious legal reasons, Zuck is given the gentile name “Jay Norris” in “GTA V,” where he runs a company called “Lifeinvader” (close enough), and he’s just as douchey in the “GTA” universe as he is IRL. “This company has come a long way since we started it in my parents’ pool-house in East Carroway,” Norris says during a tech conference. “Today, you’re about to witness a new phase … We have put a billion peoples’ private data in the public domain and we have milked every penny we could in the process.”

The upside, according to the New York Post, is that at one point in the game, your anti-hero gets to make his noggin’ go ka-boom. But how does one pull off such a heroic feat?


From the Post:

Players must first don a disguise — sleeveless vest, cargo shorts and flip flops — to sneak into “Lifeinvader” headquarters, where they walk by parodies of the cheesy motivational posters the real Zuckerberg likes to keep on the walls.

Players are then asked to wait in a beanbag chair, before completing a mini-game and placing a bomb inside a prototype phone that the Norris/Zuckerberg character is about to debut at a tech conference.
The coup de gras comes as the fictional Facebook founder is seen promoting the mobile device on TV, and bragging about how it will complete his dream of information domination.

Moments later, players complete their crime by calling the booby-trapped phone, which goes off as Zuckerberg holds it to his head. In typical, gory, GTA style, the game shows the CEO’s headless body bleeding on the floor.


h/t Betabeat