Minneapolis sheriff is positive that rape and murder are linked to marijuana use

Rich Stanek, longtime Minneapolis Sheriff and logically-thinking human being, has drawn a very obvious conclusion that there’s a “direct connection between marijuana and violent crime.”

He continues, “Our drug task forces even here in Hennepin County have linked marijuana to assaults and homicides. If you look at the Hennepin County Jail in downtown Minneapolis, we book anywhere from 36-40,000 people a year through the front doors for a variety of offenses. And according to the data from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, that being a Presidential appointment, even they will tell you that 54% of the males arrested for violent crime tested positive for marijuana use.”

Stanek recently penned an op-ed about his opinions on the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance in the Star Tribune, which you can read here, and you can check out his interview with Minneapolis Public Radio below.