Lorde’s debut full-length ‘Pure Heroine’ now streaming in full

Lorde is sort of 2013’s anti-Lana del Rey—an enchanting chanteuse shooting from obscurity to huge success in well under a year, but one who seems low-key, flatly rejecting the hype culture that made her, and apparently not taking herself too seriously. Even her breakout single “Royals,” which is included on “Pure Heroine,” rejects the materialism of pop culture and its “Maybachs, Grey Goose, tigers on a gold leash.”

Her low-key “fuck-it-all” attitude is part of her charm. It comes across as a laconic easiness in her vocals on tracks you probably haven’t heard yet, like “Ribs.” It’s part of what makes “Pure Heroine” inviting. Give the album a listen below. “Pure Heroine” officially releases September 30.

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