Detroit’s RoboCop statue stands at 10 feet, awaits bronzing

Back in 2011, the nonprofit Imagination Station’s project on Kickstarter raised $50,000 from more than 2,700 people in an effort to build a 10-foot statue of RoboCop for the city of Detroit. (Myself, I put money toward the AT-AT For America but, sadly, George Lucas put the kibosh on that one.) Anyway, the people of Detroit have since been given an ounce of hope. Or so says one anonymous online personality known as “Zodiac Motherfucker,” whose words of inspiration are below.

“I personally think it owns,” the Detroit-based Internet commenter said in 2011. “‘Robocop’ is one of the greatest fucking movies ever made, and I can hardly think of a more fitting fucking tribute to old Detroit than our man Murphy standing guard over the abandoned train station and that empty lot that used to be Tiger Stadium.”

But when and where will this statue stand? We don’t exactly know. How is it coming along? We have an idea. The Detroit Free Press paid a recent visit to Motor City’s Venus BronzeWorks, where the statue of the cyborg lawman has been assembled and now awaits its finishing coats. “This is larger than even my wildest imagination,” said graphic designer John Leonard on Tuesday as he surveyed the pop culture giant. “When you look at the chest, it’s like the hood of a car.”

The unveiling is expected in the summer of 2014. See more photos of the RoboCop statue at Detroit Free Press.

source/photo: DFP