Joss Whedon will not give you any more ‘Buffy’ or ‘Firefly,’ so stop asking

Ever since “Veronica Mars” opened the door to the idea of beloved shows making a comeback through the power of crowdfunding, Joss Whedon has been inundated with requests from fans to either remake the original “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” movie, or to make a movie sequel to the show.

In my mind, the number one reason would be the fact that there has been a non-Whedon-related “Buffy” remake movie in the works for a while now (although it’s currently on hiatus, and will hopefully remain that way forever). The idea of doing a remake and not involving Whedon is practically blasphemous.

However sadly, Whedon is totally not interested in doing that, rebooting “Firefly” or in continuing to be involved with “Star Wars,” and said as much in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

I came out publicly when the Veronica Mars Kickstarter thing happened to relay that because, right now, it can’t be done. Everybody’s working—thank God. I have often said I would love to get the crew back together. There’s another side of that. There’s the Monkey’s Paw fear of even if it’s just as good, it won’t be as good, because it will be just as good, and it’s already been new, so you won’t have that. Now everybody is like, “Are you going to remake “Buffy”? Are you going to Kickstarter?” My blanket answer is “No.” It’s not a question I’m interested in hearing again, which is why I quit my other job—Twitter.

Sigh. I’m not going to lie. I would be totally into seeing some kind of continuation or expansion of the Buffyverse. I’d also love some more “Firefly” or even “Dollhouse.” There have been a couple proposed Whedon-involved “Buffy” spin-offs before: “Faith The Vampire Slayer,” “Ripper, Slayer School” and even a Spike movie.  Alas, none of them ever ended up happening.

I guess, for now, we’ll all just have to find some happiness with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Or, you know, just re-watch all of “Buffy,” “Angel,” “Firefly” and “Dollhouse” on the Netflix again like we do every year.