The guy who plays Meth Damon in ‘Breaking Bad’ is in a band

Back in 2011, Stereogum debuted the video for the track “Troubled Tracks” from the band Cowboy And Indian, featuring Jesse Plemons. At that time, we mainly knew Plemons as Landry Clarke from the beloved NBC drama “Friday Night Lights.” Despite the fact that Landry notoriously committed manslaughter in the show’s second season and fronted the grindcore band Crucifictorious,┬áhe still came off as a salt-of-the-earth “aw shucks” Texas high school football player.

So, the fact that Plemons is actually a subdued and sensitive songwriter comes as more of a shock to viewers who know him as “Breaking Bad’s” Todd Alquist, the thawed-out Hitler youth embryo who dispassionately murders children and single mothers alike to preserve his burgeoning meth empire. But hey, who says that sociopaths can’t have a tender side?

Enjoy this delightful 2010 appearance, courtesy of Austin’s NBC affiliate, and feel free to try and block out Jazz Mills’s objectively terrible Native American headdress.