Italy implements ‘Don’t kill your girlfriend’ classes in schools

This is really sad, but also really great. Due to the insane rates of femicide in Italy (over 80 women have been killed so far this year alone by “ex-lovers”), some high schools are now trying to implement classes to try and teach boys a way of dealing with a broken heart that doesn’t involve, you know, omicidio.

Via The Daily Beast:

“It’s 8:45 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and the first lesson of the day in this Italian high school—as well as a handful of others like it—is about how to fight the urge to kill your girlfriend. Adolescents are taught relationship respect through texts and role playing. A boy is asked to confront his girlfriend about a text message he found on her phone without raising his voice or using violence. The girl is asked to stand her ground and not let him dominate her. The students are also shown news reports about the hundreds of women who were killed or gravely injured in domestic violence attacks in recent years. The anti-violence initiative, which kicked off this year in the northern town of Turin, is a last-ditch effort to fight fatal domestic violence epidemic sweeping Italy”

According to The Daily Beast, an average of one woman every two days is murdered by their husband, boyfriend or ex. As much as I love my “homeland,” I can’t help but think that this is a direct result of the very prevalent and sadly, very real, culture of machismo. It really is a thing.

I do think that classes like these can have an important impact, which is why I also believe in implementing classes about consent and not being a rapist. As unfortunate as it is that these are things that people need to be taught, it’s clearly become necessary. Emotional maturity does not come naturally to everyone.