Gun lobbyist proudly shoots an elephant in the face on NBC’s NRA-sponsored TV show

Someone over at NBC apparently decided it was a good idea to give the NRA their own show extolling the virtues of hunting.

Hunting! What’s more American than that? Just a man, a weapon, and his meal. Even when it’s in Botswana. And the hunt is for elephants—for their ivory tusks, just for the hell of it. And even when poaching has decimated these gorgeous creatures to the point that Botswana just passed a ban on hunting them starting in 2014.

In this week’s charming episode of the NRA’s “Under Wild Skies,” gun lobbyist for the group Tony Makris shoots an elephant right in the face, and then after triumphing over its dead, wasted body, drinks champagne with his guide to celebrate.

Makris and his guide hide in the bush, 20 feet away from the unsuspecting elephant. “Four inches above the eyes,” explains Makris—that’s where you want to shoot. After shooting the elephant right in the face—but not killing it—the animal runs for its life. Makris laughs as they run after it and finish the job, shooting it to death. “Somebody got a little cheeky there,” he chuckles.

Totally upholds the NRA’s “good guys with guns” dogma, amirite? Aren’t these the guys you want defending your kids in school? Mandating guns into the hands of strangers?

Watch the totally-not-at-all disturbing video below:

Also, for comparison’s sake, here’s an elephant painting a portrait, probably better than you can paint:

Also here are two elephants reunited after 20 years, who remember each other like it’s yesterday:

Image: YouTube