Ted Cruz doesn’t get that Obamacare *was* the compromise

Sen. Ted Cruz is well on his way to becoming one of the most hated people in politics, even by his own party. As we approach an almost inevitable government shutdown, over 48 members of the Republican party have already voiced their disapproval for his “hostage situation”-like tactics.

He stated on Sunday’s “Meet The Press” he believes that it’s actually the Democrats who are not compromising. While Ted Cruz wants to get rid of the ACA entirely, he is totally willing to just defund it and postpone it from going into effect for another year.

See! Totally reasonable! Oh, and he and the other House Republicans would also like, um, about 21 other things in exchange for not shutting down the whole entire government. In fact, they would like every single thing that Mitt Romney ran a losing Presidential campaign on to be implemented, as well as a nude portrait of Bea Arthur and a giant bowl full of red M&Ms. Post haste. Please and thank you.

What Cruz doesn’t understand (other than most things) is that Obamacare is the freaking compromise. Liberals and leftists wanted single payer. Conservatives were all afraid that single payer meant Soviet Russia-style “Communism,” and so, from Nixon forward, advocated a mandate. This particular plan was crafted, almost entirely, by the Conservative Heritage Foundation think tank and a bunch of insurance companies. It was supposed to be the “free market” solution to National Healthcare. However, this–in conservative minds–was also supposed to be a stand-off. They didn’t expect the left to ever accept anything less than single payer, so they didn’t really worry too much about it.

But then we did compromise. We (as in the country) went with their plan, and now they’re mad about it. What Cruz and others like him want, essentially, is for a government takeover. They don’t want it to be possible to pass a budget in which they don’t get everything their hearts desire. They don’t even want it to be possible for anyone but them to be elected.

Ted Cruz doesn’t understand words like “compromise” or “will of the people.” To him, compromise means giving him everything he ever wanted in exchange for him not blowing up the country. The “will of the people” is the will of Ted Cruz. It doesn’t matter that the Republicans didn’t win the White House or the Senate. It doesn’t matter that even many members of his own party don’t agree with him or his tactics for getting what he wants. He’s a spoiled toddler, and if you don’t get him some candy, he’s going to scream bloody murder in the middle of the grocery store until you give in.

The House Republicans are willing to sacrifice everything to get their way. They are willing to sacrifice other people’s jobs (but not their own, of course), they are willing to sacrifice people’s benefits, they are willing to ask military personnel to work for free (they get IOUs during a shutdown…) they are willing to sacrifice our nation’s economy and reputation for paying our debts on time, and they’re willing to risk the next election. Don’t forget, the last time they pulled this, Clinton came out smelling like a rose and people were straight up pissed at the GOP.

The Affordable Care Act has already been passed. It’s happening. It happened because people voted for elected officials that would pass it. That was the will of the people. Is it my cup of tea? Not so much, I want single payer. Am I glad that my insurance costs will be lower? Hell yes.

When people like Cruz and Michele Bachmann talk about postponing Obamacare, they insist that it must happen now, because if it actually goes through, people will like the benefits too much and not want to repeal it. Bachmann compared this to a crack dealer getting people hooked on crack.

The thing they’re most afraid of is that people will like it, and then maybe even want to go further and get the insurance companies out of it altogether. And they get a hell of a lot of money from the insurance lobbies. They get a lot of money from pharmaceutical companies, who want to be able to charge American citizens $80 for pills people in other countries get for $2 because they’re able to bargain for lower prices on a much larger scale.

It’s a slippery slope, and compromise is the first step.