‘Unique and miraculous’ video of woman who survives jumping in front of train

Recently released closed-circuit footage from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation shows a suicidal woman who jumps in front of a train onto the Delhi metro tracks and survives.

On June 9, the unidentified woman in the video below was caught on CCTV as she attempted to end her life by jumping off a train station platform around 5 p.m. at the Civil Lines station, but, at the last second, ostensibly had a change of heart. She ducked underneath the oncoming train and survived the entire ordeal. “The woman apparently tried to commit suicide, but it was a miracle that she emerged unhurt,” DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal told the Hindustan Times. A police official said this was the 10th suicide attempt this year in Delhi, but “this one was unique and miraculous. We don’t know how she survived.”

After the jump, a metro employee. contacted the woman’s father who came to pick her up from the station.

source: Hindustan Times