Boat filled with weed crashes into nude beach

A 20-foot boat filled with 80 pounds of weed capsized at a popular nude beach/surf spot in Santa Cruz, California. Nobody was hurt, because it was totally awesome. The only danger was everyone catching good vibes.

The boat reportedly left Mexico with thousands of pounds of weed, but had unloaded most of it before it capsized. The crew of the boat quickly fled, and has yet to be found; one imagines they probably went searching for a better party.

“This is lower grade marijuana than we see in Santa Cruz,” said a Santa Cruz sheriff’s deputy, though he didn’t clarify whether it was a body high or more of a head high.

On the open market, the bum schwag would have still gotten about $96,000. The boat was also filled with containers of gasoline, which most likely would have been used to fuel an enormous beach bonfire, so everyone could just get naked and jam out on acoustic guitars all night.

Here’s a report of the incident via KTVU: