Wet hands out sexy new single ‘Dreams’

I first came across Wet when I was putting together my early-aught list of most anticipated CMJ acts for the weeklong extravaganza coming up. Info on the group was scarce, but the shimmering, albeit destitute and loveless track “No Lies” grabbed my ear immediately (a bit off topic, but I was also highly entertained by the group’s URL – www.kanyewet.biz, a clever pun? Or a clever way to trick fast typists into discovering their band?). Anyway, the guys and gal just handed out their latest, “Dreams,” and it’s beautiful. The verses have a bit of Regina Spektor-esque quirk to them and the song overall is much more optimistic than “No Lies,” but truth be told I wouldn’t mind if Kelly was sad all the time (sorry, Kelly).

Tags: Brooklyn, CMJ, dreams, wet