Police taser naked man eating cat food

On Sunday evening, New Mexico’s Mike Wolfersperger and his wife were enjoying a quiet evening at home when an absolutely nucking futs individual rang their doorbell.

22-year-old Roy Kincaid (mugshot above) first asked the couple if he could use their phone. Then he wanted to sleep on their front porch. Then, the Wolferspergers found him in the back of the house. Some people just don’t know when to leave.

Reports say that broken glass was scattered around the back door and that Kincaid was discovered naked and eating from the cat bowl. “He also produced a box-cutter that he held up to his own throat like ‘I’m gonna kill myself,'” Mike Wolfersperger told KRQE.

Wolfersperger immediately notified the police, who arrived and found Kincaid, sans clothes, sucking his thumb and grazing from the food bowl. Officers tased the suspect when he lunged toward them and charged him with aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon (refering to the box-cutter, I guess) and indecent exposure.

“Stripping off before robbing really doesn’t make much sense,” Wolfersperger added. “In fact it didn’t make much sense period.”

This is the first instance of a naked man breaking and entering to eat a bowl of cat food in New Mexico this week.

h/t Arbroath and KRQE