Chad Kroeger of Nickelback’s song with Avril Lavigne is indeed the worst song of 2013

Last month we reported on the coming musical tsunami that is Chad Kroeger’s new album with wife Avril Lavigne that’s headed toward the States, scheduled to make landfall this November. Monday evening the first drops of that storm touched down and they are acrid, vile drops to be sure.

We all knew the single “Let Me Go” would be the most hated song of 2013. But this is really, really bad. It’s in a different time zone than those good-bad songs that you pretend to loathe but that are so catchy you find yourself humming despite yourself. This is just bad-bad. There is no danger of any part of this tune getting stuck in your head. It’s just a stale bag of 90s rock tricks and chord modulations left to fester for the last 15-20 odd years, and it stinks to high hell. Listen below if you’re curious.