A man’s 9-foot My Little Pony was stolen in Denmark, and this is what happened next

When someone stole Thomas Dambo’s 9-foot My Little Pony, he decided to take matters into his own hands.  Courageously, he put out a call on Facebook asking if anyone had seen his beloved equine (made of “trash wood,” no less).  He got an answer, and did some investigating.

When Thomas found the perpetrator, a fight ensued.  Shots were fired, fists were flying… oh, no, wait.  This is Denmark.  All Thomas had to do was buzz the apartment and say, “Hello. I wanted to ask if I can come up and get my pony back.”  And what did the thief say in reply?  Well obviously he got combative and refused to give back the illustrious masterpiece!  Wait, no… all he said was, “Eh?  Yes, ok you can do that.”  Denmark, man.  Those hippies.

So anyway, the men met in the stairwell, and tensions were running high.  The scorned gentleman burst into the thief’s home, demanding he explain himself, reducing the criminal to tears.  Well, that… or he greeted the puppy at the door and cheerfully replied, “That’s life” to the man’s confession.  Then they chatted about the shenanigans that led to the pony theft, and all was well.

Thomas happily pedaled away from the scene of the crime, his beloved trash-wood creation in the wagon behind the bicycle.  A happy ending to a truly tumultuous conflict in Denmark.

Watch the video below to witness the carnage, the bloodshed, the drama.

via youtube