Florida bike dealership lost its pet monkey, offers discount for reward

After several reports of a monkey on the loose in Lakeland, Florida, members of Florida Fish and Wildlife alerted residents of a little guy who was as big as a “fox squirrel up to a chimp-size” primate that was roaming around the area.

Initial reports from the local ABC news affiliate said there was a possible missing monkey, but now that motorcycle dealership Fun Bike Sports has come forward, claiming the furry fella belongs to one of its staff, there’s no doubt about it: That possible missing monkey is without a doubt a definitely possible missing monkey.

On Tuesday morning, Fun Bike Motorsports posted this statement on their Facebook page:

Has anyone seen the Fun Bike Center pet monkey that is loose in North Lakeland? If you do happen upon him, please ask him to return. We miss him. He goes by “Barnaby” and he DOES bite. Any information leading to the return of the Fun Bike Center monkey will earn you 100 points on your Rider Rewards Card.

Hey, that’s 100 points closer to whatever the hell that Rider Rewards Card can provide your family! Incidentally, the area has surveillance video and five Wildlife units patrolling the area for Barnaby. The local schools also have been alerted to the situation. For what purpose, I have no idea. Maybe to pay closer attention at roll call?


h/t WFTS and FBS Motorsports/image via Leslie Kavs