Anthony Weiner is headed for off-off-Broadway

While former congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner continues the search for his next gig (cable news talking head, maybe?), a 25-year-old New Yorker might beat him to the stage.

After the 2011 sexting scandal that forced Weiner into resignation, Hunter College student Jonathan Harper Schlieman launched a production on campus. Judging by the video footage below, students enjoyed it enough. And, given the sensational exposure Weiner and a few new cast members brought to the forefront in the mayoral race this year, Schlieman figured a follow-up was in order. It’s not a typical Aristotelian tragedy but “a devised Greek tragedy composed of found texts,” Schlieman told the New York Times. “The Carlos Danger stuff was too good to leave out.”


Enter: “A Devised Greek Tragedy Composed of Found Texts Detailing the Rise and Fall (and Rise and Fall Again) of Former New York Representative Anthony Weiner” — also known as “The Weiner Monologues” — which is scheduled to run at the Access Theater in downtown Manhattan from November 6th to 10th. The production is still gathering what funds it can on its Indiegogo page in the hopes of paying for the lighting, tech equipment and space rental that’s already hanging over their heads. Schlieman and his 23-year-old co-writer, John Oros, intend to penetrate ideas beyond the surface and explore “the tension between what is private and what is public in this day and age,” the director said.

Although, scrapping the golden rule of 21st Century theater, they do encourage audience members to whip out their cell phones and take pics of anything they want on stage, at any time. Here’s hoping for dicks!

The New York Times reached out to Weiner for comment about the new play. The candidate responded via text: “Never heard of it.” Clips of “The Weiner Monologues” below.

source: NYT