Congress is now less popular than Nickelback

Public Policy Polling released the results of a new poll Thursday that asked Americans which they liked better, Nickelback or Congress? Nickelback, possibly the most hated band in America, took it by a comfortable 39% to 32% margin.

Sure, this poll is a bit of a non-sequitur—it’s sort of like asking someone what’s better, toast or trampolines? Not exactly a lot of scientific rigor applied to a poll like that.

But Public Policy Polling occasionally rolls out these polls for fun, and they make a general point about how broadly we hate everything. In January, they published a poll finding Kim Kardashian was liked less than Congress. But with an official congressional approval rating of five percent during the shutdown, it’d be pretty depressing if Nickelback couldn’t eek out a win here.

But at least Congress can feel good that they’re still liked more than Miley Cyrus.

H/t: Consequence of Sound