Tea Party fundraising group FreedomWorks is broke as hell

Good Morning! And would you like some delicious schadenfreude with your breakfast? The prominent Tea Party fundraising group FreedomWorks has pretty much exactly no money! Why? Because no one has been giving them any. In fact, they have so little money that they had to take out a $1 million line of credit just to keep the lights on.

Awesome fiscal responsibility there, guys. Great job!

In case you need a refresher, the organization started as a Koch Brothers funded group “Citizens for a Sound Economy,” which was then split off into two groups–FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity. FreedomWorks primarily dedicated itself to promoting trickle down economics and the teachings of Ayn Rand, and also funding the campaigns of little known but super conservative politicians. It was originally headed up by Dick Armey, until he got into a catfight with CEO and creepy sideburn enthusiast Matt Kibbe and was paid $8 million to leave.



Seriously. What even are those? He looks like he’s wearing a double microphone headset. Who told him this was a good look? Does this man have no friends? ¬†(image: ABC)

Anyway, according to a report from BuzzFeed, while the group raised $40 million last year–they spent it all getting Ted Cruz and all the other the people who just shut down our government elected, and also on Glenn Beck’s site “The Blaze”– but according to inside sources they only raised $3-$10 million this year. Obviously, the market has spoken.

Former employees of FreedomWorks have stated that the problems with the organization like a toxic work environment, mismanaged funds, and an unclear mission statement have caused many of the staff to jump ship. I suppose what they mean by toxic work environment is the fact that Executive Vice President Adam Brandon makes a habit out of reading their emails. They are also frustrated with the fact way too much of the money they raise is spent on luxuries like craft beer bars and thousand-dollar-a-night hotel rooms in Vegas.

Of course, FreedomWorks spokesperson Jackie Bodnar denies almost all of this (except for all of the spending on extravagant things and the reading of staff email), and swears that FreedomWorks is doing just fine, and that these former employees are just mean and bitter for reasons she cannot possibly understand.

Personally, I find the irony here extraordinarily delightful. Keep in mind that this is an organization almost specifically dedicated to trying to tell America how to manage its money, and they can’t even figure out how to manage their own. Glass houses, yo.